Monday, March 30, 2015

Opening Bands Set the Stage for the Headliners

For all the carnage, upsets, bloodshed, and tears that embodied this year’s NCAA Tournament for the first five rounds what’s left is three tops seeds that even then novice would have had in their brackets, and one school that has become synonymous with the Final Four. In fact, after more one-point games in the first two rounds than ever before and all the upsets it almost seems anti-climatic but once the dust settled it was (1) Kentucky, (1) Wisconsin, (1) Duke, and (7) Michigan State left standing. Perfectly understandable, yet unremarkable. However, even those of you that wanted to see Cindy or one of her friends walk down the velvet carpet to Indy have got to admit, these are going to be three really good games. For those that are the traditionalist, you’ve gotten a good dose of your UKs, KUs, Dukes, and UCLAs. Coach K’s, Rick Ps, One-N-Done Joh Cal, and Tom Izzos with three top seeds left standing and 7 that plays like 1 every March. Everyone should be happy especially those that don’t affiliate with either side and just want to see a good game with a ton of enthusiasm. You kidding me, how great were those Arizona/Wisconsin and Notre Dame/Kentucky games? This dance as already lived up to the hype, which is tough to do and the main course is still to come. That said, here are the Final Four matchups and the way we think they will go.

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