Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Madness is Already Upon Us

Hard to believe it but March is almost upon us and this gearing up to be the best tournament in recent years simply because despite the gaudy records that sit atop the NCAA polls recent data proves that everyone can be beaten, particularly when they get outside the confines of their on crib. I mean, everyone was thinking that Syracuse escaped the last time they played Duke at home, and that they would get their just due when they traveled to Cameron Indoor, but it didn’t even take that long as an unranked (2-10 in conference) Boston College team went into NYC and came out with a victory. You just gotta’ love that Boston-New York hatred! So they didn’t even make it to Tobacco Road. Oh, and the Dukies that were so poised to make their statement for a top regional seed? They got knocked off by another unranked team UNC on the road. So now we’re left with the Wichita State Shockers, did I even spell that right? At 27-0 and no one left on their schedule that can keep a game to double-digits, the Shockers should do just that, shock the basketball world and go into the dance as the top seed. Ok, but really, is anyone afraid of Wichita (did I spell that right?) State? I mean if I was a 2 seed, and thinking of all the names I could draw that would stand in my way between me and a Final Four I would opt for the Shockers despite their unbeaten and soon be 30-0 record. I mean, this is just begging for a storyline Saturday Sweet 16 upset is it not? Anyway, I wish the Shockers another run to the Elite 8 and beyond but they’re not flying underneath anyone’s radar anymore and that may have been the best thing going for them last year. So the top seeds will probably be the afore mentioned Wichita State (spell checked), ‘Cuse, even with a loss at Duke this week, Arizona (who doesn’t have to play UCLA again) and Florida, who quietly has amassed perhaps the best resume in the tournament. The rest of the brackets are going to bring a new definition to the term “gorilla warfare” where I don’t know if any of the top 4 will get out of the regionals alive, as there are sooo many schools longing for the respect of Dick Vitale and ESPN that they carry more animosity than a boxer from a 3rd world country. All of this not only makes for great fodder but for an even better dance and if your brackets were busted in the past, you’ve got a better chance of hitting the power ball than calling this one. Oh, by the way the conference tournaments could make all of the prior analysis go out the window. Happy hunting.