Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Big Dog, and Many Small Ones Will Bite Come April

The DJ is setting up, the waitresses are counting their cash drawers, and the bartenders are making sure everything is well stocked. The big dance is set to begin next week and although some invitations have been sent out already, most are still yet to be delivered even though the addresses are on the envelopes. However about five or six bridesmaids still hope that the handsome bachelor will show up at their dorm just in time to whisk them away to the hottest party in the country and the greatest event in American sports. Normally at this time of year the pundits have already begun to fill out their brackets as the top four seeds usually end up on the bottom four lines even though it has only happened once in the tournament’s history, then it’s just a matter of throwing in an upset here or there (so they think). However even that is not possible this year because we still don’t know for sure who the top four seeds will be and moreover don’t know who the number one overall will be despite the fact that Gonzaga University has the best record at 30-2 a full 2 games ahead of the number 2, and is the only ranked school to end the season with an undefeated conference record. There has even been banter on weather the Bulldogs should even hold a top line come Sunday. Grant it that’s coming entirely from the East coast wave that’s two hours in to counting sheep most nights while the Zags are busy bustin’ someone up by double digits. So let me go on record right now and state that not only should they be a top seed but should be THE top seed in the dance and my logic is simple and irrefutable. Who else deserves it more, and can quantitatively make a case? The simple answer is no one can. Every school has lost multiple league games and looked more than vulnerable when on the road. There has not been one school that has stayed on top of the mountain too long, hey we even saw 5 top seeds go down in successive weeks. Don’t even submit a brief that has the words “weak conference” anywhere in it as you name me the school and I present at least two ‘bad losses’ it’s had this year to teams that would be .500 or less in most conferences in college basketball and that’s my point. This will be the year where the parity in college basketball is even more evident and I for one can’t wait to see some these schools with “Nebraska Football Schedules” leave the friendly confines of their campus home gyms. There will many an upset this season and I won’t be the least surprised to see a repeat of 2006 when no school that started on the top line ended up there come April. Also like 06’ look for a double digit school to crash the party and ruffle the feathers of the “Finals Clubs” like Duke and Indiana, where their hotel rooms are already booked in Hotlanta. Oh yea, that already happened when Gonzaga finished the season as number one. For the record guys, this is not a case of “just because you’re here, doesn’t mean you belong”, as the ol’ guard may be waiting for rush invitations stamped from Spokane, Washington.

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