Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simply the (second) biggest game ever played in the Blue Grass State

For all of the success, first round draft choices, and history of dominance the Kentucky Wildcats are about to embark on their biggest game in 46 years. Not since the famous 1966 game between UK and Texas Western has there been so much anticipation about a game where the external repercussions might actually equal the importance of the outcome of the game. Not only is a trip to the finals waiting for the winner but a victory in the heated interstate rival series on the biggest stage in which it has ever been played. The school that comes out on top could drop the next ten in the series and still take solace that they won the game with the most chips in the center of the table. It’s the ultimate game of Texas holdum and it looks like the Wildcats are holding a pocket pair going into the flop as they have yet to play a game that wasn’t won by double digits and are the overall number one seed. They’re stacked both offensive and defensively and are the clear favorite to win the whole thing at -150 (Louisville has the longest odds at +850). But that might just be the very thing that causes the iron cats to crack just enough for the Cards to slip in and steal one. There isn’t one team that can intimidate Kentucky in this tournament, except themselves and the colossal failures of other UK teams that seemingly just needed to go through the motions until it was time to sing “one shining moment”. If they start focusing on what the rest of the state will think if they lose and don’t focus on the school in red across the hardwood that has nothing to lose they just might have the second biggest upset loss in the school’s history.

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