Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please put down your pencils and hand your test forward

Most of the final papers have been submitted but there are still a few schools that have some last minute revisions to their finals, some of the changes will give them a passing grade and some will give the exact wrong result causing them to fail. In my opinion there are more than just four schools on the bubble and there will be about six that will be the last out as there have already been a couple of upsets in the mid-major tournaments taking away some at-large applicants. With that said there are a few that need to get a couple more questions right if they hope to get that passing grade. Among those are Virginia Tech, who had (A) signature win vs. Duke but that was at home and cross reference that with a bad loss to UNLV and getting blown out at Georgia Tech (their first round ACC opponent) and it adds up to about a 68, so they need a first round win to get to 20 wins and probably one more to ensure their ticket to Grand Ballroom. Next there are the Trojans from SoCal who will need to make it to the Pac-10 final to secure their place on dance floor because their second game will be against #16 Arizona in the second round which would provide their last statement win. Next, I simply don’t see how Michigan State gets in without doing some serious damage in the B-10 tourney as 5-8 their last 13 is hardly going into the dance with momentum. They need to let the air out of Iowa’s balloon coming off their win and then get their signature win in the tournament in the second round which I don’t think they’ll get, and will be hosting their next game, but in the NIT. Lastly, it’s too bad this isn’t football otherwise we’d be talking about Bama’ and Georgia in the sense of what BCS Bowl they’re going to, but in hoop it’s all about what you’ve done for me lately and not the name on the jerseys and both of these schools need to reach at least the semi-finals AND have the upsets come to an end in the mid-majors as they’re trying to scalp their way in as it is and the dance will soon be sold out. We’ll see how accurate I am in less than a week.

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