Monday, March 28, 2011

Cindy will be in attendance on Monday

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For the first time since they started seeding the teams in 1979 two double digit seeds are in the Final Four and to add to the irony they’re on the same side of the bracket meaning the championship game will have ten plus seed for the first time. So now it’s not a question of if Cindy will attend the prom but what will she be wearing, Black and Gold or Blue and White? It begs the question if either of these two schools were to win the whole thing does the NCAA Tournament really crown the best team in the country or the best team under the circumstances? For both Butler and VCU a victory on Monday would represent their longest winning streaks of the season as opposed to several other schools whom have done it on multiple occasions during the year, but of course all of those schools are back in class and watching the Final Four on TV like the rest of us. However, after all of the confetti is cleaned up early Tuesday morning and regardless of the color it is, who is going to be remembered in 2011? The school that is crowned the National Champion and that’s all that matters. Just reading the blog entries and listening to talk radio it seems people are still making a case for being a better team than the four that are still playing, but let me quash that argument right now all of them including Ohio State and Kansas that lost only 2 games apiece (a combined total that is less than any of the those four teams that remain), by stating the fact that they are STILL PLAYING makes them a better team. If this was a 4/7 then that would be different and one would assume that every year all top seeds would be in Houston or the equivalent but that opens up Pandora’s Box to all kinds of conjecture and criticism on every playoff system (except the BCS which no intelligent person believes crowns a true champion), even the Super Bowl would have to file a brief as the Patriots had soundly beaten all of the remaining final four teams that remained in last season’s championship games. What makes the NCAA Tournament the greatest event in sports is the very fact that a ten or an eleven has the opportunity to hoist the trophy and raise a banner in their gym, and unfortunately that means that sometimes the best school on paper is not the one doing it, ask Phi Slamma Jamma, The Fab Five, the undefeated UNLV Rebels, the 84’ Hoya Paranoia Georgetown club, or even the FIVE NBA PLAYERS from last season’s Kentucky team, but those are also the most talked about games in the last fifty years and that’s what makes it great.

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