Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bitterness of Sweet 16

The Dream ends for Steve Fisher and San Diego as ‘Nova moves on. Despite a partisan crowd that was less than an hour drive time away Villanova upended the Cinderella season for the Aztecs who simply fell apart after coming back from double digits to cut it 1 but missed on two consecutive possessions and then gave up O-Glass that resulted in a 3-pointer and a four point deficit and that was it. A very sad ending for a #2 seed that won its first tournament game in the school’s history and had a good shot at advancing to the final eight but even more amazing has been the Wildcats run that started with five consecutive wins in the Big East Tourney arguably the toughest tournament outside of the Big Dance, and are still yet to lose this year in tournament play. Next up, the Duke/ Zona winner.
In the spirit of dreams ending, BYU also had their longest tournament run since 1981 cut short as the Cougs simply ran out of gas in overtime and the 2nd seeded Gators have moved on to the round of 8. Jimmer had a slow first half but got it together in the 2nd half and ended up with 32 points. The only problem was that it took him 29 shots and he was the only BYU player in double figures. One could make the argument that it took them out of their offense but that’s the way they’ve rolled the entire season. One could also argue that with the addition of Brandon Davies they would be playing on Saturday as Florida’s advantage in front court scoring was the difference.
Ouch, did anyone really see this coming? Ok, we took Arizona on the site but just because they were getting a huge amount of lumber (9 points) in a sweet sixteen game, but c’mon if someone would have told you this game was going to end up with a 16-point margin how many people out there (even Cats fans) would have laid the house and the farm on boys from Cameron Indoor? I’ll tell ya, everyone’s talking about how well Arizona shot the ball, and they did shoot well, but at the end of the day they simply had better athletes, and not like Duke wasn’t hustlin’ they were simply overmatched athletically. True, this was Arizona’s best game of the year, but if they’re peaking at the right time then the other 7 schools had better take warning, including OSU, but if they shot their wod getting up for the Devils then surely show up against ‘Nova on Saturday.
How on earth did Wisconsin crash the sweet 16 party?? Did they know someone at the door? Friends of the caterer? Got to the party at 7:30 and just waited for the party to start? In any case just because you’re here doesn’t mean you belong and they were dismissed by Butler who has now proven that there was more to them than just Gordon Hayward as they are right back where they started, in the elite 8 and I can imagine where they would be if he would have stayed around for another year. Ok, let’s see what happens throughout the weekend and who will be left standing come Monday, in the meantime let us know your thoughts in any of the chat rooms and blogs.

Elite Eight Chat Rooms
VCU vs. Kansas

(4) Kentucky vs. (2) North Carolina

(8)Butler vs. (2) Florida

(5)Arizona vs. (3) UCONN

Individual Sweet 16 Chat Rooms

UCONN vs. San Diego State
(1)Duke vs. (5)Arizona
(3)BYU vs.(2) Florida
(8) Butler vs. (4) Wisconsin

(11) Marquette vs. (2) North Carolina
(12) Richmond vs. (1) Kansas
(4)Kentucky vs. (1) Ohio State
(11)VCU vs. (10)Florida State

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