Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Has being top dog lost its luster?

With just three weeks to go before “Selection Sunday” schools are doing their best to improve their tournament resume but the friendly skies are not making it easy, as going on the road continues be a test that’s failed more often than a mid-term exam. Over the past week 80% of the top five teams lost paving the way for Duke to jump all the way from the 5th spot to lay claim to number one for the first time in over 2 months. Starting with Kansas getting spanked by interstate rival KState by almost 20 points, the virus at the top of the polls quickly spread to Ohio State (who caught the worst case of it), Texas (who saw it coming), and Pittsburgh (where it was inevitable in the cold weather of the Big East Conference). So after the snow storm has past we’re left with Duke, OSU, Kansas (again), Pitt, and Texas (4 losses????) all garnishing first place votes, but the school getting absolutely no love is San Diego State at 27-1, with the best record in division I, ZERO first place votes, and right now barely holding on to a number 2 seed in the tournament. Their only loss was to #7 ranked BYU, a game that any of the afore mentioned schools that are ranked ahead of them would have lost as it was in front of a NBA size ruckus crowd of 20,000, and every team seems to have problems winning on the road. I don’t want to hear about strength of conference until someone can consistently went outside of the friendly confines of their own gym. That being said, for the most part, the conference tournaments will be road games for everyone, and that’s when we’ll separate the men from the boys. Don’t get me wrong there is something to be said for playing in a tough conference but to put so much weight on it that it compensates for a 3/4-game swing in the overall record as in the case of Texas and SDState. If it comes down to both of those teams on March 13 I don’t care if they play in Conference Puerto Rico, if you win 30-games you’re a top seed, and any school who would complain that they took their spot is throwing stones from a glass house because no on can say they’ve dominated this year and are head n’ shoulders above the rest. Who do you think should be the top four seeds come March? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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