Thursday, February 3, 2011

Big East Conference Play (cannibalization) reaches its summit

I must say we did call it here first, back when there was six Big East Teams residing in the top 25, but then it didn’t take a genius to see the storm brewing on the horizon, the tsunami that is the Big East schedule week in and week out. Now in the eye of the storm the damage can be clearly seen, such as a 19-win Syracuse team having to stop a four game losing streak by beating a 17-win, #7 Ranked UConn school in their own house, not an easy task. That’s just the beginning. When the 11th place team in the conference is 14-9 and probably tournament bound it doesn’t make for a day off work. Even the 12th place Seton Hall Pirates have knocked off the 2nd place team on a given weekend, and just think they still have the conference tournament upcoming which leads me to believe that they may not be any meat left on the bones of the survivor of the carnage come NCAA Tournament time. The SEC Football season’s got nothin’ on this. So how many BE schools should be in big dance will be the major topic of discussion in just about a month when, even at an expanded level, may comprise of close to 17% of the entire tournament field, and that may make the selection committee a little nervous. Conversely, how would you not argue having a Marquette school that may finish 11th in the Big East but have a legitimate shot at getting out of the regionals, not making the field but Utah Valley (and I’m not picking on the Great West) at 12-9 taking their place with an automatic bid. I know, this is the same March banter and it may not be the BCS but even the fairest event in sports may have some questions to answer next month. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the daily war that takes place twice a week at 7pm Big Eastern Standard time.

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