Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fredette answers the call and the critics as he drops 43 on the Tecs’

You might think Jimmer Fredette is a football player (for a non-SEC school) for all of the criticism he receives despite consistently droppin’ serious numbers on almost everyone BYU plays en route to a 20-1 record. The latest knock on his game is that a quick athletic guard will shut him down because he can’t create his own shot. In their one loss this season to an unranked UCLA team, JF couldn’t get those wide open looks he was used to because of how quickly the Bruin guards could close distance, and that began the cavalcade of doubts about how well he would do against quality competition. Well, not only did he get that chance on Wednesday night but responded like a first-rounder. Going against the #4 team in the nation San Diego State, where if you were to call them very athletic, it would be a understated insult as they have four guys that are simply clones on the outside, that can switch every screen on the perimeter, while having and enforcer in the paint in D.J. Gay. Much to the chagrin of the critics JF was not only able to get his shot but dropped 43 points in 39 minutes, shooting better than 50% from the floor as the Cougars upset the Aztecs in front of a massive crowd of better than 22,000. For the first time this season, SD State showed the signs of stage fright as despite a #4 ranking they have yet to see an ESPN Game and have been lacking some respect in their own right but the bright lights of an NBA size crowd, that was more enthusiastic, was a huge factor in the Tecs’ shooting a dismal 35% from the floor including 11-36 by their front line. Like all teams from non-power conferences (especially the Mountain West) they’ll be taken out to the woodshed by the voters for dropping a game which may be what they need to regroup before their next prime-time appearance which may be in the Big Dance. Now both BYU and San Diego State will among those fighting for a 1 or 2 seed come selection Sunday and it will probably be the conference tournament winner that gets it, and for now that’s Fredette and the Cougs who move to 6-0 in league, but rest assured the Aztecs will learn from this and we waiting for a chance at payback on Feb 26 when BYU takes a trip to the beach. Can both of these teams go deep into the NCAA tournament or are they over rated? Can Fredette make it at the next level? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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