Sunday, April 4, 2010

David and Goliath couldn’t do this game justice

Now that everyone’s bracket has folded into eighths, torn up, and thrown in the air we can all actually sit back and enjoy what should be a great NCAA Championship Final. This game could easily go down in folk lore with Lorenzo Charles and NC State, Harold Jensen and Villanova, or Danny and the Miracles as one of the greatest games/upsets in history, or it could be banished to the depths fugue with the likes of Duke/Michigan in 92’. But if this turns out to be a close game, regardless of the eventual winner, then both the film Hoosiers and the book “The Greatest Game Ever Played” will both have to be recalled and some of their text changed because we would have seen witnessed the next Queen Cinderella. Ok, now back to reality. Duke has done exactly what a top-seed needs to do to hoist the trophy, mainly play their best ball of the year right around tournament time. They have rolled some very tough, and not so tough teams over the past month including winning their conference tournament. The only two things that would concern me as a Duke fan would be that they may have played their best game of the year in the semis and can’t expect to shoot as well from 3 in the final as they did on Saturday (52%), and the tidal wave of momentum that Butler is riding coming into a final that is stationed six miles from their campus. If there is anyone who bought a seat over the past 12 months thinking their school would be there will be a Butler cheering fool come Monday night creating a very tough place to play, even for a school as season as Duke. That’s what makes the mathup worthy as something better than the cliché, and if the home town boys can pull of a miracle then we’ll need to create a new one. Can the Bulldogs pull off the upset? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.
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