Sunday, March 14, 2010

With only a couple of tickets still left teams begin the waiting game.

Kansas wins B-12, Duke and UK make finals, but Cuse’ gets knocked off early. In years past it made sense, however painful, to lose early in your conference tournament, stay healthy or get healthy, then roll into the big dance refreshed and ready to try and go on a six game winning streak. Although the committee couldn’t TELL schools that they couldn’t adopt that philosophy, but what they began to do is really giving the top seeds a big advantage by playing close to home, and at favorable times. In all actuality that is something that should have been done before, as the only opponents to the dance (coincidentally also supporters of the BCS) believe that a year-end tournament to decide the National Champion takes away from the regular season, however that advantage is the perfect seasoning to a perfectly baked cake. SO DON’T MESS with it! Ok, stole another opportunity to lobby against expansion. Now we have a couple of teams that have stolen seats from the Majors when the music stopped, particularly Richmond who would have been left at the door had they not won their conference tournament, but for the most part this year has been one where the mid-majors won’t shake up the board too much, at least in regards to selection. Now on the court will be a different story as I am going on record right now as stating that you will see at least 3 “non-ones” in the final four this year. We’ll see in three weeks. What do you think about the conference tournaments? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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