Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tournament Field Announced, let the debating begin

Firstly, you can view the entire board on the main site here. Here are the teams that are in and the seeds:
1)Kansas vs 16)Lehigh// 8)UNLV vs 9)No. Iowa// 5)Mich St. vs 12 New Mexico St.// 4)Maryland vs 13)Houston// 2 Ohio St vs 15)UCSB// 7) Oklahoma St. vs 10) Georgia Tech// 3)George Town vs 14)Ohio// 6)Tennessee vs 11)SD State//
1)Syracuse vs 16)Vermont// 8)Gonzaga vs 9)Fla. St// 5)Butler vs 12)UTEP// 4)Vandy vs 13)Murray St// 2)Kansas St. vs 15) North Texas// 7)BYU vs 10)Florida// 3)Pitt vs 14)Oakland// 6)Xavier vs 11)Minnesota
1)Kentucky vs 16)E.Tenn State// 8)Texas vs 9)Wake Forest// 5)Temple vs 12)Cornell// 4)Wisconsin vs 13)Wofford// 2)West Virginia vs 15)Morgan St// 7)Clemson vs 10 Missouri// 3)New Mexico vs 14)Montana// 6) Marquette vs 11 Washington
1)DUKE vs 16)Ark PB or Wintrop// 8)California vs 9)Louisville// 5)Texas A & M vs 12)Utah St// 4)Purdue vs. 13)Siena// 2)Villanova vs 15)Robert Morris// 13)Richmond vs 10)St. Mary's// 3)Baylor vs 14)Sam Houston St.// 6)Notre Dame vs. 11)Old Dominion
Like every year, now is about the time when the bridesmaids begin their letter writing campaign to the chairman complaining about ‘East coast bias’ or conference payola and why they were snubbed. Although there might be a couple of palatable arguments for them, here is the quantitative side for why the committee made the right decisions. Not in any particular order:

Memphis (23-9) Ok, this was the bleeding heart appointee as they were the victim of espionage as not only did their coach capriciously leave, but took the liberty of pillaging their recruits and stifling their future in the process. I’ll give you that but two facts you simply can not deny are that Conference USA was a terrible conference this year, on top that, they lost to EVERY ‘tournament team’ they played except Oakland (won their conf tourney), including Syracuse, Tennessee, Kansas, UTEP, Gonzaga, and Houston(twice).

Arizona St. – 22-10 – Once again, the Pac-10 was affull this year with NO TEAMS in the top 25!! When was the last time that has happened? This has nothing to do with ECB (east coast bias) which will always be prevalent, but getting fat on a weak conference, having a low RPI non-conference schedule, and then bowing out prior to the championship final as the #2 seed is a recipe for death.

Rhode Island (23-9) – The highest RPI of any non-participant (40), but they’re 23 wins did not comprise of ONE tournament team, and the at large team they supposedly were snubbed for (Richmond) did beat them in the head-to-head matchup back in February. 3 losses to Temple in one season was a pretty good gauge of how far they could go.


M-Eers said...

True I am a Mountaineer fan but WVU is long and lean out front and hard to shoot over, Also WVU shut down Evan Turner in the second half of that game. Turner scored 0 fieldgaols in the second half. Also in the BigEast championship game Wellington Smith was the unsung hero keeping the best big man in the BigEast in check. Allowing Greg Monroe to only 11 points and 0 offensive rebounds. Joe Mazzulla is back from that shoulder injury and running the offense once again. Da'sean Butler is on a mission with six buzzer beater shots this year. If WVU can outrebound Kentucky and keep playing solid defense like they have all year then WVU will win as I expect. Kentucky is a great team but will meet there match in the elite 8.


WVHoopster said...

I know West Virginia can beat Kentucky. I just dont see it happening. Kentucky i think is good for the sweet sixteen and then in that match up were going to play someone who is going to try to slow us down. Well ya they might slow us down a little but lets say its close down to the wire do you really think Temple or Wisconsin or maybe even Cornell's big guys could stop Patterson and Cousins who will be the go to basket scorers?

kugoingsouth said...

WVU can beat UK, but we all must remember that alot of these teams will not make it past the first round. WVU lost last year to Dayton, for goodness sakes. Any one can lose. The team that wants it the most and is not looking ahead to the next BIG game will prevail. I have watched them all play, and saw some of the Kentucky players in high school, they are good. But not perfect. Just ask South Carolina and Mississippi State. UK can lose and will before the Elite 8. I predict WVU will come out of this region to the final four.

Lesp1261 said...

Lets put it like it is. The committee, and who is the COMMITTEE by the way? But that is another story. Duke got the easiest road so the committee could point to their being in the final four and say, you see we were right by giving them a #1 seed. If the "committee" knew anything about which they govern, they would have picked West Virginia as the #1 seed over Duke. But to then put WVU in as the overall #3 - 2 seed was a slap in the face to the team and their fans. I have always been a duke fan, but the politics played to get them the #1 seed was over the top. At least be fair about this and stop the maneuvering by the "committee" to put who they want in the final four, or so they have tried. It seems to have worked over the past few years. I some times think ESPN controls the sports world. They promote the teams they want in, and relegate the rest to gossip status. Smacchat can you one day compete with ESPN, PLEASE !

phophan said...

The south is an easy bracket, but not necessarily an easier bracket for the 1 seed as Duke may be playing Texas A&M and Baylor in Houston, TX
pound for pound the weakest bracket is the West, then the South, then the East, mostly the East just looses it because Marquette is a 6 seed, but MD/MSU also have a bit of an edge on the East 4/5 of UW/Temple

seaborad said...

the east is EASILY the hardest bracket in this tournament... Kentucky could have to possibly play: Texas, Wisconsin, Marquette, New Mexico, Mizzou, or West Virginia... any team in this bracket is tough....
the south is the easiest... and its not even close... the NCAA is beggin for Duke to get to another final four... there is one tough team in that bracket and that is Villanova... and they wouldnt be able to play until the Elite Eight... and Nova is probably the worst 2 seed... thats a joke

jcc said...

Give me one example, just one, where the regular season conference champion has been hurt by an early exit from the conference tournament? You'd be hard-pressed to do it. SU won the Big East comfortably during the regular season. Two of their four losses were to the same team, and although they lost to G'town in the quarters, they handily beat G'town twice this year. The conference tournments only serve to raise up a team's chances, it rarely hurts a team thats already won the conference. That is precisely why there is no polling done during the conference championships. Do I think there is a compelling argument that West Va. should have gotten the no. 1? Sure. West Va. won the tournament, has played great ball most of the year, and the loss to SU was close, albeit at home and as a result of a prevent defense mentality of the Orange that allowed West Va. to come back after being down considerably. But when SU blew out Villanova, then locked up the Big East before the last game of the season, there is no question they deserved to be No. 1. Louisville obviously had a lot more to play for in the finale. Not excusing the loss, but its just a fact.

jwallace44 said...

So by your logic, it doesn't matter who anyone plays the entire year, just what they do at the end of the year? Not to mention, WVU was a bank shot miracle 3 pointer away from being sent home by Cincinatti who didn't even make the tourney. Yeah, that makes sense.

wvu alum said...

I agree... WVU should have been a No. 1 seed, but over Duke, not Syracuse. Syracuse deserved a higher No. 1 seed than Duke, yet Syracuse was sent out West as the last No. 1 seed. I think WVU got hosed, honestly... they played one of the three hardest schedules in the country, and won the tournament of the best conference in the country, beating an NCAA No. 6 seed (Notre Dame) and No. 3 seed (Georgetown) along the way. The ACC was just way down this year. G'Town beat the tar out of Duke, and G'Town is playing its best ball right now, and WVU still beat them in the Big East tourney. WVU had no bad losses, while Duke lost to NC State. How in the world Syracuse got downgraded below Duke, I'll never know. I think the Big East was totally disrespected.

eurobb fan said...

I am guessing Duke got the overall #3 based on its RPI being higher than Syracuse. I am not sure how that could be, but apparently Duke had a tougher schedule. When i see Syracuse was 5-2 against the top 25 and Duke was 1-3, it makes me think Syracuse was the better team.

repman said...

EVERY computer poll (Sagarin, Pomeroy, RPI, LRMC) has Duke ahead of both Cuse and WVU.

Cuse is the ONLY one of the top 4 seeds that didn't win their conf tourney. In fact no national champion has ever lost their first game of the conference tourney.

The committe takes into account injuires and unfortunately Cuse's starting center may miss tourney time.

Duke over Cuse and WVU was a no brainer for the committee...the real issue was WVU and Cuse.

There's NEVER been a more luckier conference champion than WVU...two buzzer beaters and another game that was decided in the final seconds. I agree with them with giving Cuse the last one seed...WVU never resembled a one seed all year. They're a solid two that could make the Final Four though.