Monday, March 22, 2010

Aren’t you glad there’s no BCS in “Tournament”

A simple question, “how great has this tournament been so far?” And the funny thing is that the best is still to come. Now imagine if the BCS controlled the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Firstly, there would never be a Cornell or Northern Iowa because they wouldn’t have gotten in, even in a plus-1 format. We would never have the capriciousness of the annual 5/12 upset game like Temple, the drama of a 4/5 last second winner like Michigan State, or a team that would be ranked no higher than 52nd in the nation like Murray Sate (#13) within one basket of winning two games. Worst of all we would have Kansas and Villanova in the National Championship with nothing to say about it and the winner walking off with millions and the other 63 schools asking “what if”. AND IT ONLY TAKES 3 WEEKENDS! Damn, Ohio State has a month off every year before their bowl game! That is why this is the greatest event in all of sport, and every year it delivers. Once again we have some amazingly intriguing Sweet 16 matchups and with the top seed sobbing on the flatlands, it’s completely wide open. UNI/MSU – before this season most had not heard of Northern Iowa and I admit I had only seen them play once, but their in the mix against the only team that also participated in last year’s final four. TENN/OSU not the afore mentioned OSU football team that gets free passes to bowl games each year, the hoops team has worked and deserves their #2 seed but will have to give a better effort if they hope to beat a UT club that feels they have weathered the worst of storms to get here and are destined for greatness. Syr/But wow, a school from the “best conference” (wink) that is still playing! Butler has the longest winning streak going and this won’t be easy, even for someone from a Power Conference. Xavier/Kansas State a battle of two teams that possibly could have won their respective regions and screwed up everyone’s bracket but luck would have it they will face each other first. UK/Cornell does it get any more David vs. Goliath than this? The furthest advancement of an Ivy League school since Princeton and these guys are no fluke. They lead the nation in 3pt percentage and are very long. This would rival UK/Texas Western of “Glory Road” fame, better yet “Hoosiers”. West Virgina/Washington the Pac’s loan representative still standing who has already shown the committee they were wrong for tagging them with an 11 seed, now faces the winner of the BET. Duke/Purdue I guess the rumors of the Boilermakers demise was greatly exaggerated. As for Duke they’re better than anyone expected, and go figure they were a top seed. Baylor/St Mary’s in any other year the Gaels would be the media darlings of the dance but unfortunately they’re only one of three double digit schools playing that are the story of the year. I normally can’t wait until the next round of games begins but to be honest I need a week to recover, and then brace for the shocks that will surely come next week. I realize it’s barley been 60 days since the BCS championship (because they extend the bowl season so long) but if they’re done counting their money the BCS should tune in and see how it’s done.


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Kentucky will end the dream come Thursday!!!