Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All 3 top teams lose, prime seats for Big Dance now available

A little while back we posted that the traditional powerhouses were down for the year leaving the door open for sleepers to come in and help themselves to the spoils usually reserved for those with pedigree. However after last weekend, when in unprecedented fashion as 3 of the top 4 teams lost just two weeks before selection Sunday, all bets are off and teams as far back as 8 and 9 that normally are admiring from a far have a prime opportunity to sit in the front row and here’s why. The top 4 seeds right now would have to go to (Cuse’, KU, UK, and Duke), but two are on very shaky ground. Despite how good they have looked lately, Syracuse has two losses are at home, and one loss to a division II school was expunged from the record because it was deemed to be not a scheduled game, furthermore they still have to make it through the Big East Tournament without losing prior to the final game. With so many in that conference fighting for their invitations it’s a better than average chance they take another L before next Sunday. The other big question mark is Duke who may have the name on their jerseys but this is not your typical Tobacco Road monster. Get them away from the confines of Cameron Indoor and you’ve got a good shot as the ACC is not as strong, particularly without the presence of the 800-pound gorilla North Carolina who still gets one last shot on the final game of the season. Prior to that, Duke must deal with Maryland who might have a little revenge on their mind after getting woodshedded by 20 two weeks ago, and then the ACC tournament awaits. I can’t see duke getting through unmarked. The other two actually have a better chance of drawing a #16 as UK and KU have winnable scenarios. First is Kansas, as both of their losses have come on the road, and in very tough places, but Kstate won’t be hosting the B-12 tournament and there shouldn’t be anyone standing in their way. Kentucky will close out the season 2-0 and move into the SEC tourney with no one but Vandy to worry about, although they were tested in their last meeting, on a neutral floor their talent will carry the day. So who does that let in then? Well, as mentioned before we see Kstate losing to Kansas in the B-12 tourney, Ohio State be more overrated then their football team but Purdue will not get through the Big-10 tourney unless Hummel comes back so a top seed could be in the cards for OSU. Lastly, how about New Mexico, yes, New Mexico as a sleeper top seed to chap all of the ancestry? All it would take is an upset in the Big-10 tourney by Michigan State or Wisconsin (not that far fetched) and they slip in the back door. Regardless of who gets their name on the first line in each bracket one thing is certain, that there is NO WAY all of them will escape the regionals. This event will continue 2010’s streak of premium sporting events following in the footsteps of the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics as it promises to be one of the most competitive in recent memory, so buckle in early and take that first Thursday and Friday off. Who do you think will be the top seeds? Let us know here and in any of the quick links.

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