Sunday, January 17, 2010

As Conference play takes its first lap still no clear cut favorite

I’ll tell ya, we’ve been trying to gauge where this year’s tournament is going and almost 3 months into the season there is no clear cut team to beat. It’s pretty clear that this aint’ the BCS and teams don’t worry about padding their stats with non-conference cupcakes and occasionally they’ve gotten burned (ie; Syracuse) but for the most part they’ve been risk free. Now that conference play has begun until all of the top 10 goes on the road, AND WINS, I’m not ready to call anyone a number one seed. With that said there are some who have answered every challenge up to this point.

Texas – Weathered the storm of A & M and won in OT to remain unbeaten at 17-0 at on top of the mountain top. Now they catch a major break that the KU game is in their domain, but the way the B-12 is shaping up there are no sure things and don’t expect them to roll into the dance in UNLV type 30-0, but they should be the team to beat come March.

Kansas – Amazing how these guys just seem to reload and are competitive every year despite the success of the previous seasons (taking notes UCLA?). They’ve been upset by the hands of Tennessee but they’ve shown a copious amount of intestinal fortitude in several games that have been close near the end of the game, and every hoops fan in the country can’t until Feb 2nd.

Kentucky – John Calipari has done it again as UK is putting together a run that could conclude with a spot in the final four where they will be a very tough out. Although it’s tough to channel a wedge between any of the top three, what might give the Cats the edge is the way their getting it done on the defensive end. If it’s possible to erase the near disaster to Sam Houston State on the third game of the season where they gave up 92 points, only 3 teams have even seen the 70’s since then and that’s what wins games beyond the sweet 16.

Villanova – The other Cats have gotten off to the start they needed at 14-1 (as their schedule is back-end loaded) and ranked in the top 5 in a very tough and still underrated Big East. Now as they approach the ‘Back 9’ we’ll see what they’re made of as tough road games against GTown, WV, Pitt, ‘Cuse, and Cincy.

Syracuse – How bout’ the Big East with 3 teams in the top 10? Enough talk about the ACC the Big Beast is back. After have an early loss expunged for their record because the school was “undertalented” the Orange have put together an impressive run and might be boasting the strongest strength of schedule when Selection Sunday rolls around. Because of that if they can hold it together for just over a month and a half, now there gonna take a couple of losses, but limit it to just a couple, and they’re our pick for a sleeper top seed.

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