Friday, January 30, 2009

Top seed changes once again

The “musical chairs” carrousel surrounding the top spot in the AP poll will surely change again this Monday after Wake Forest knocked off the newest claim to the throne, Duke on Wednesday. This will certainly be the pattern for the next month, leading into the madness that is the big dance. If the conference tournaments follow through with their promise to be the deciding factor in determining the top four seeds, then nothing is going to be decided for a while. In the meantime will do not have a dominant school, but we do have a dominant conference, the ACC. With NC, Duke, and Wake, not necessarily in that order, they have proven to be best top to bottom in the nation this year. Now will they follow in the footsteps of the SEC in football where the chinks in the armor became prevalent during bowl season, remains to be seen. Until then, no one would object to two number 1’s and perhaps a second seed, coming from one conference. Who do you think is the best conference? Who would be your new top team? Let us know here and in the Ncaa chatrooms.

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