Saturday, December 6, 2008

As ‘Patsy Season’ comes to a close ‘Heels look like the team to beat

We’re still in the midst of ‘Patsy Season’ as most of the AP top 10 is beefing up their records with non top-25 teams with Duke and Gonzaga being the only exception as they face off with Purdue and Tennessee respectively. What has become perfectly clear is that North Carolina is in the same position as Florida was on the second leg of their back-to-back run of 06-07(without having the previous ring), as clearly the best team in nation and only needing to stay healthy, AND MOTIVATED, to get back to show. Others that look good playing division II schools are UConn, The Ville, and Pitt. The jury is still out on Duke until they get by Purdue. Are NCAA Hoops getting top heavy, with the too many one-n-dones causing the talent to become diluted? We don’t think so, and believe this will be a year where the 3 of the top 4 seeds in the dance could have as many as five losses. True, every game counts, just ask UCLA how important November games are as they have bolstered them to a top seed for two of the last three years, but this season doesn’t start until league play. Who do you think are the best schools in the country? Which is the toughest division? Let us know here and in the NCAA hoops chat rooms.

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