Sunday, November 9, 2008

After amzaing 08' tourney many new faces in the crowd

Last year was the year of the “Super Freshman”, “One and Dones”, and underclassman declaring early, where many pundits thought the wrong decisions were made. Some schools like Memphis and UCLA seemed to have re-loaded and remain in the top 10, where others like the defending champions will have to do some rebuilding. In the midst of the Jockeying North Carolina kept their “go to guy” at home and sits atop the rankings at number one. But getting back to the mountain top is a tough task, just ask the Gators, the last school to pull the feat. To the left is the AP top 25 and below is a score card on how rooks have fared so far in the early NBA season. We’ll reserve our right to post our power rankings until after the ‘patsy period’ is over.

Here are some of the Top Rooks out of the blocks in order of performance based on a minimum of 20 minutes per game (MPG). Overall the report card for them has to be good , as the biggest risk of the draft(Mbah a Moute, Westbrook, Fernandez) have been paying dividends immediately.

1. Derrick Rose 37 MPG 17.7 Points 3.9 Rebounds 5.1 Assist
2. Rudy Fernandez 27 MPG 13.7 Points 3.2 Rebounds 1.8 Assist
3. Michael Beasley 33 MPG 16.3 Points 3.3 Rebounds 1.2 Assist
4. O.J.Mayo 39 MPG 17.3 Points 4.8 Rebounds 1.8 Assist
5. Kevin Love 20 MPG 10.2 Points 6.7 Rebounds 1.5 Assist 1.5 Blocks
6. Marc Gasol 23 MPG 18.8 Points 8.8 Rebounds 1.0 Assist 1.2 Blocks
7. Jason Thompson 22 MPG 11.7 Points 6.0 Rebounds 1.7 Assist
8. Luc MBahaMoute 23 MPG 9.4 Points 5.9 Rebounds 1.1 Assist
9. Mario Chambers 22 MPG 6.3 Points 3.7 Rebounds 5.7 Assist
10.Russell Westbrook20 MPG 11.3 Points 2.3 Rebounds 2.2 Assist