Friday, March 14, 2008

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The greatest event in sports begins Thursday as the NCAA tournament field of 65 was announced today. As usual there were several bubbles that burst, several seeds that were lower than expected, and of course even more surprises. Here’s how it stacks up:

East - NC, Tenn., Louisville, Wash St.
West - UCLA, Duke, Xavier, UConn.
MidWest – Kansas, GTown, Wisconsin, Vandy
South – Memphis, Texas, Stanford, Pitt
Do you agree? Who got left out and who is over seeded? Let us know here and in the NCAA chat rooms.

Syracuse may have just sealed their fate and sentenced to the NIT as they were blown out by Villanova in the Big East Tournament. Meanwhile, Providence let a 1 point lead get away as they gave up 6 straight points in last two minutes, and will find themselves competing with the scrubs in two weeks. Out west the Pac-10 tourney gets on the way with 4 bubble teams (AZ St., Arizona, Orgon, Cal) needing wins to avoid the same fate. To the winner of the Big-12 Tourney goes a #1 seed in the big dance as Texas and Kansas try to solidify their case.

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