Monday, February 25, 2008

New Top 25 is out

AP Top 25
1. Tennessee (69) 25-2 1,797
2. Memphis 26-1 1,682
3. North Carolina (2) 26-2 1,668
4. UCLA (1) 24-3 1,593
5. Texas 23-4 1,478
6. Kansas 24-3 1,368
7. Duke 23-3 1,344
8. Stanford 22-4 1,264
9. Xavier 24-4 1,228
10. Wisconsin 23-4 1,175

As always the AP Top-25 has strange components in its compilation and this week is no different. Memphis drops only one spot despite their home loss to Tennessee, even though Duke dropped 3 places when they lost to North Carolina earlier in the year. Also strange is how Memphis did not garner even one first place vote but #4 UCLA did. The saving grace is that unlike football this will be decided on the playing surface and in 4+ weeks it really won’t matter as the tournament gets underway.


smacchat said...

bmanfromtheor -

As a Memphis grad, I want to say you earned it Sat! The sun came up yesterday and I made a very long drive home with a major headache and $3000 out of my account from tickets, hotel rooms and food/ booze .. I would do it again in a heartbeat ..hope to see RIVERWALK in blue and orange

My wife is a UT grad and if we had to loose a game as much as it kills me I am glad it was against you guys and your #1 .. trust me sitting at #2 with the best record in America doesn't suck either

Anonymous said...

1. When the #2 team beats the #1 team, how can anybody give first place votes to any other team (UNC and UCLA)?

2. I was surprised that Duke didn't drop lower (I think they should have).

3. Gonzaga, send UConn a big "thank you" card. You are not back in the top 25 due to the cupcakes you've been beating; you are back in because UConn has been winning.

4. Thank goodness we have a tournament to make all of our debates meaningless.

Anonymous said...


If NC and Duke didn't beat up on each other or played in those other weak conferences they would be 1 & 2 all year until the tournament! You're all posers! Note to UTenn and Memphis, this is NOT football!