Monday, February 25, 2008

New Top 25 is out

AP Top 25
1. Tennessee (69) 25-2 1,797
2. Memphis 26-1 1,682
3. North Carolina (2) 26-2 1,668
4. UCLA (1) 24-3 1,593
5. Texas 23-4 1,478
6. Kansas 24-3 1,368
7. Duke 23-3 1,344
8. Stanford 22-4 1,264
9. Xavier 24-4 1,228
10. Wisconsin 23-4 1,175

As always the AP Top-25 has strange components in its compilation and this week is no different. Memphis drops only one spot despite their home loss to Tennessee, even though Duke dropped 3 places when they lost to North Carolina earlier in the year. Also strange is how Memphis did not garner even one first place vote but #4 UCLA did. The saving grace is that unlike football this will be decided on the playing surface and in 4+ weeks it really won’t matter as the tournament gets underway.

Details of Sampson deal available

Basketball coach Kelvin Sampson agreed to Indiana's offer of a $750,000 buyout Friday, waiving his right to sue the university for further damages, and turning the program over to interim coach Dan Dakich. The deal calls for Sampson to be paid $750,000, $550,000 of which is being provided by an anonymous donor, the university said. The remainder will come from athletic department funds. Sampson has agreed he will not file a wrongful termination lawsuit against Indiana. An NCAA report states head coach Kelvin Sampson and Indiana committed five "major" violations. The allegations stem from a phone-call scandal that occurred while Sampson was still under recruiting restrictions. The agreement, which was obtained through a Freedom of Information request, also requires Sampson to continue cooperating with the NCAA investigation and bars him from interfering with any team activities. Sampson took a $750,000 buyout Friday in return for his immediate resignation after the NCAA accused him of the violations.